Each day, people in this world hope that their loved ones return to good health. Here at PACT, we aim to make cancer a "thing of the past".  We aim to replace that hope with reality.


It is important to us that all of our members give back to the community. So far our members have donated 2000+ hours of their time to making Pittsburgh a better place.

Our mission

Brad Smertz

100% of our proceeds are donated directly to the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

At age 10, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, I didn’t understand the impact of this disease. Over the years, I’ve become increasingly exposed to the damage cancer causes. I have seen the pain it has inflicted upon my life, the lives of those I love, and the lives of millions of people around the world. More importantly, I have seen the impact cancer has had in bringing people together. We at PACT are students that share a genuine desire to eradicate the world of cancer. We are tired of letting this illness have the upper hand, and we are committed to actively fighting back together.

Thank you for sharing our vision of a cancer-free world.

our founders

“Ryan came to me with an idea to create something larger than myself — something that could potentially alter the lives of many individuals for the better. That idea was PACT. I worked and continue to work very hard at making PACT not only an effective place for helping individuals contribute to the cause, but also a place where a lending hand may be offered to anyone in need.”

- Brad Smertz

PACT is a student run organization at the University of Pittsburgh dedicated to strengthening the daily fight against cancer. We strive to accomplish this through funding innovative cancer research, advocacy, and service.


Through the generosity of our donors, PACT has been able to donate $55,000 to the Hillman Cancer Center of Pittsburgh. This money is used to fund innovative cancer research here in Pittsburgh.

“I hit a wall in my life when my aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I had never felt so hopeless in my life. I saw an opportunity to build PACT from the ground up in order to support people going through similar hardship. We’re here for anyone who is suffering through this unfortunate side of life; we’re always looking out for those in need.”

- Ryan Gilbert

Our Vision

Ryan Gilbert

Foundation History

making a difference

We can make an impact one life at a time. Our organization greatly values both the small and great efforts that our members make to improve our community and help those affected by cancer. 

Your Donations

Katrine Schechter

April 2015 -- PACT was founded by a group of similarly-minded students, who felt there should be more of a grassroots effort to raise money for cancer research.

April 2016 -- PACT holds their 1st annual 5K and raises $5,000 to donate to the Hillman Cancer Center. 

April 2017 -- PACT holds their 2nd annual 5K and raises $25,000 to donate to the Hillman Cancer Center, increasing donations by nearly $20,00.!

April 2018 -- PACT holds their 3rd annual 5K and raises $30,000 to donate to the Hillman Cancer Center, increasing donations by nearly $10,000.

Our President